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The MightyOaks

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The Mighty Oaks, are a collective of 5 friends and musicians playing a large range of pop and indie music. They consist of Drums, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar and Vocals. Their fun onstage, is infectious and will be enjoyed by all ages.

Available to play at all parties & weddings, for the first dance and a party. Or laid back track to a relaxed evening. The band can play as a 5 piece electric pop group or strip down to an acoustic versions playing a varied set list, spanning all decades.

Click -HERE- for information on The MiniOAKS a fun 3 piece version of the band for smaller venues and intimate gigs.

The MightyOaks where originally put together after a request from The Oaklands wedding venue. The Oaklands asked Johny Kramer Acoustic Guitar Player to put together a band of like minded quality musicians to be able to play a set of songs that would appeal to everyone. Johny jumped at the chance to recruit some of his favourite local talent and put together The Mighty Oaks. Now available to play all venues and any event, covering mainly the Yorkshire area.

The Core of the band consists of:

Johny - Lead Guitar
Pete - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
James - Piano & Vocals
Rich - Bass Guitar
Alex - Drums

Further more, the band has a pool of professional musicians who all work together, like a rock'n'roll family tree! Including members of The Beautiful Couch, The Queen Story and many more professional acts and bands. This collective of musicians help to ensure our reliability & flexibility for your event.


What do The MightyOaks sound like . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


We all love live music, so we like to keep all our demo recordings live. We realise that it's not always possible to come and see a band play before you book so this is why we use live recordings on our site, we believe that a band in a studio does not represent accurately how the band will sound when actually playing for you. There is no studio trickery with our demo's just the band playing live. These recordings are what the band sound like. There is no overdubs, pitch correction, post production trickery with a live performance! Here are a couple of our favourites, but follow the link to "Latest Recordings + Set List Picker" to hear the repertoire.


Listen to clips of the full set list and pick your favourites on our unique set list picker page. We're passionate about tailoring what we do to you as much as possible, it's your party after all we're just making it happen for you.

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The MightyOaks are a 5 piece professional function band, they don't have many requirements but some considerations do need to be thought about when hiring any band, to make any event run smoothly. To find out their requirements to be able to play, including information on equipment, please download the information sheet or just get in touch.


Website by Johny Kramer Acoustic Guitar Player.

All enquiries to Johny Kramer

The MightyOaks are available for all bookings in any venue for more information and booking click......

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