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Acoustic Guitar Player: About
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Johny Kramer
Acoustic Guitar Player


The sophistication of a classical guitar player but playing a selection of pop music that you'll be humming along to. I am Johny Kramer a solo classical-èsque acoustic guitarist from Kingston Upon Hull. I play acoustic instrumental versions of songs from Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Foo fighters, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, The killers, Eric Clapton, Journey, Biffy Clyro................ and many more, all played in a unique classical instrumental style. I also play custom arrangements of any songs that may have a special meaning, to make weddings and events I play at have a real personal touch.

Acoustic Guitar Player: Testimonials
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About the Music

I am available to play at weddings, for the bridal procession or for the wedding breakfast, also to play for a first dance.

For relaxed gatherings such as for a birthday or christening celebration, playing during a meal or perhaps whilst guests mingle with canapès?

Corporate events, to play as attendees arrive to welcome them with some pleasant sounds, or to create a relaxed atmosphere whilst guests dine or mingle. Click here for more information on prices and packages. My passion is live music. I like to encourage everyone to ditch pre-recorded music and add a touch of class to their event by having real music at their event.

If music is life then Live music is alive!

Click here to contact me today to add a sophisticated soundtrack to your event!

When to Play
The Wedding Breakfast


You probably won't want silence whilst you and your guests sit down to eat. If MP3 players or a cassette tape are not for you then live music is the answer. For 2 hours of music that is easy to digest.

Add another hour to the set. - £50

Add a special request to the set. - £30

The Bridal Entrance. . . Wedding March!

Marching down the aisle isn't the most elegant way to arrive at the alter, although it could be a rather quick option if you are especially keen! However to gracefully make your bridal entrance to your favourite song arranged on an acoustic guitar is probably a little more refined. Some atmospheric sounds as your guests arrive along with a song to set a mood as you sign the register Then to play the bride and groom will be played out as a final request.

Price List
Musical Interlude


Is there part of the ceremony or event where you would like some music just for around an hour, such as just before the disco or as guests leave the wedding venue?

Add a special request, such as for a first dance. - £30

Secure your booking


All of these services can be tailored to suit your day. If something isn't listed here, please just ask, contact me by clicking here. A £50 non refundable deposit will secure your date. Your date can be held for a week pending a deposit. Click here for information on what is required for me to be able to play for your event.

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I play an acoustic guitar, it can be very surprising how quiet the sound of an acoustic guitar is in any room larger than a average size living room. To get around this I use an amplifier. This enables the volume to be controllable to suite the size of the venue.

I use different equipment to suit the different requirements of an event, for example I use a battery powered speaker if I am required to play outside.

I use two small speakers placed at each end of the room. This is to spread the sound around the room so it is not particularly loud in one place. The idea is that I play at a suitable level all around the room rather than being too loud near the speaker and not loud enough the other side of the room.

All my equipment has been p.a.t. tested and certificates can be provided on request. Click here to contact me.

 Working in cooperation with . . . . .
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I am there to set a relaxed mood and play pre-organised requests. So my entrance and exit from where I am playing and where you want me to sit and play needs to be taken into consideration, reflecting this laid back atmosphere. There needs to be a clear area and an appropriate time for me to enter and exit with my equipment. As in some cases it would be very inappropriate for me to be moving people and tables out of the way for me to be able to exit especially during a speech. Consequently this needs some thought because if my booking finishes as speeches start then I would be required to wait to pack away as not to disrupt the speech, it isn't always possible for me to increase my booking without due notice. So pre-planning of a schedule is very important.

If I am required to wait for a long period of time then this will be reflected in the price. This also might occur if I am required to wait around in between playing when I am booked for a wedding then a wedding breakfast with a large gap in between, of an hour or more. I will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before I am due to play to give myself time to set up my equipment.

Although I don't take up lots of space I will need at least 6ft x 4ft with access to a power supply. Wherever possible any power cables shouldn't be across where people need to walk, when they are they need to be able to be secured down.


If your event is in a church or place of worship please make sure with them what their policy is on music from hired musicians. If you would like me to play outside then this will be determined by the weather conditions and venue policy. It would be unsafe for me to play without cover if it where raining and my equipment could be damaged. Also if it is cold outside this will effect the stability of the tuning of the guitar and even more so if it is particularly cold, cold hands makes it very difficult to play!

I am a member of the Performing Artistes Federation, Equity, as a member am covered with public liability insurance. Certification can be provided on request. Click here to contact me.

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